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Fake Id

Alabama Fake Id Templates

Alabama Fake Id Templates

Alabama Fake Id Templates

How to Spot Alabama Fake ID Templates

Getting access to an Alabama fake ID template can be remarkably simple. However, using that template to craft a fake ID that passes the scrutiny of bouncers, bartenders, and cops is an entirely different ball game. In light of this, if you’re planning on purchasing an Alabama fake ID, it’s important to know what to look for in a good template and more importantly, the various ways to spot a fake ID.

Common Flaws in Alabama Fake ID Templates

In the process of creating an Alabama fake ID, most template makers try as much as possible to mimic the card’s design to the minutest detail. However, in most cases, they end up omitting certain elements, which makes the ID card easy to spot as fake. Here are some of the most commonly missed features:

Color Matching

One of the easiest giveaways of an Alabama fake ID is the color scheme. The Alabama driver’s license has a certain shade of blue, red, and yellow that is well ingrained in the minds of bouncers and bartenders.

Most template makers don’t quite nail this peculiar hue, and in the process, the ID ends up looking a bit off-color. Obtaining the exact shade of color is the first step in creating an ID which will fool scrutiny.

Font Matching

The font is another critical element that gives a fake ID away. The Alabama driver’s license uses a particularly unique and complex font, which can be challenging to replicate accurately.

Most template makers opt for close variants of the font, which ultimately end up looking unprofessional, or too perfect to be real. This typically reveals the ID as fake under keen examination.

Card Thickness

The thickness of an ID can be an easy giveaway. Generally, a legitimate Alabama driver’s license should have a thickness of about 20-30 mils.

Most fake ID templates have a thickness of about 10 mils, which creates obvious inconsistencies in the ID material that a bouncer, bartender or cop can easily spot.

Tactile Features

Lastly, the lack of tactile features is another dead giveaway when it comes to fake IDs. A legitimate Alabama driver’s license typically has raised or indented card details that can be felt when rubbed over with a finger.

Most fake ID templates ignore such details, thus giving away their IDs when placed under physical scrutiny.

How to Catch Alabama Fake IDs

The ability to spot Alabama fake IDs is fast becoming an indispensable skill for bouncers, bartenders and even cops. It starts with a keen eye and the ability to pick out even the slightest difference in the details of an ID.

Here are some of the most straightforward ways one can spot a fake ID:

Feel the Weight

As mentioned previously, the thickness, and therefore the weight of an Alabama driver’s license is a major giveaway. Coping the exact thickness is close to impossible, which is why most Alabama fake IDs will feel distinctly thin when compared to the average driver’s license.

Compare with Genuine IDs

Comparing the card design, feel and overall quality of a suspected fake ID against a real Alabama driver’s license is one of the most effective ways of determining whether or not the ID is fake. A thorough examination should start with comparing the holograms, design, font and tactile features.

Examine Holograms

Alabama driver’s licenses have a holographic pattern that changes color when viewed from different angles. The pattern should be symmetrical and centered just beneath the card’s main image. This feature is challenging to copy, which is why the majority of Alabama fake IDs will have an uneven or poorly created hologram.

Inspect UV features

Real Alabama IDs are equipped with several UV markings including the license holder’s initials and driver’s license number, which the state usually checks for authenticity when it’s under UV light. Anyone attempting to falsify these markings will inevitably miss out on several intricate details, which a bouncer, bartender or cop can quickly spot.

Wrap Up

Acquiring an Alabama fake ID template is only the first stage in creating an ID that passes inspection. To avoid suspicion, it’s essential to perfect the card design as much as possible, and focus on details like color matching, font matching, and overall feel. However, no matter how detailed the fake ID appears, there’s always a chance that it will fail scrutiny when it is ultimately exposed to a thorough examination.
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates
Alabama Fake Id Templates

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