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Fake Id

Caller Id Faker Iphone Free

Caller Id Faker Iphone Free

Caller ID Faker for iPhone is a popular app that allows users to make free prank calls to their friends and family members. This app is available for download on the App Store and is easy to use. With Caller ID Faker, users can change their caller ID to any number they want, making it appear as though they are calling from a different phone number.

One of the main features of Caller ID Faker is its ability to make free prank calls. Users can choose from a list of preset numbers or enter a custom number to act as their caller ID. This feature is perfect for playing jokes on friends or pulling harmless pranks on loved ones. The app also allows users to record their calls, so they can listen back to the reactions of their unsuspecting victims.

Another great feature of Caller ID Faker is its call scheduling option. Users can set a time for their fake call to come through, allowing them to plan their pranks in advance. This feature is perfect for surprising friends or family members with unexpected calls at a specific time.

Caller ID Faker also has a built-in voice changer that allows users to alter their voice during calls. This feature adds an extra layer of realism to the prank calls, making them even more convincing. Users can choose from a variety of voice effects, such as robot or alien, to disguise their identity further.

In addition to its prank call features, Caller ID Faker also offers a call recording option. Users can record their conversations with others and save them for later playback. This feature is perfect for keeping track of important information shared during phone calls or for capturing memorable moments with friends and family.

Overall, Caller ID Faker is a fun and entertaining app that is perfect for those who love to play pranks on others. With its free call capability, call scheduling option, voice changer, and call recording feature, this app offers a wide range of tools for creating memorable prank calls. Whether you want to surprise a friend with a fake call from a celebrity or play a joke on a family member, Caller ID Faker has you covered. Download this app today and start creating hilarious prank calls that will have everyone laughing.

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