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How Pay With Credit Cards?

How Pay With Credit Cards?


There are various methods available for buying bitcoins. Here are a few options:

  1. Registered Exchanges: You can purchase bitcoins through reputable exchanges like Coinbase or Bitstamp in the US. These exchanges provide a platform for buying and selling bitcoins securely.
  2. Local Exchangers: Platforms like Paxful offer the opportunity to buy bitcoins from local exchangers. Creating an account on such platforms is quick and easy. Once registered, you can send funds to the vendor using your bank account, credit card, or PayPal, and in return, receive bitcoins.
  3. Mobile Apps: One popular option is to use mobile apps such as Cash App that allow you to buy bitcoins directly from your phone. These apps provide a user-friendly interface for purchasing and managing your bitcoin holdings.

Once you have acquired bitcoins, you can make payments to us by sending the bitcoins from your wallet to our designated wallet address. For more detailed information on how to purchase bitcoins specifically for fake IDs, please refer to our “HOW TO BUY BITCOINS FOR FAKE ID” page.

How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal Click here to view the tutorial

If you don’t have Bitcoin you can buy it on  This website easily with your credit card or debit card:


1.Select the corresponding city certificate, Click to upload your information, fill in your information and upload your photo and signature.

2. if you have bitcoin, you can pay directly.

3.if you don’t have bitcoin, you can open Https://Paybis.Com, register and use a credit card to buy bitcoin, When it asks for a Bitcoin wallet, copy/paste our Bitcoin wallet below in that field