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Fake Id

Iowa Fake Id

Iowa Fake Id

Iowa Fake Id

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How to Spot a Fake Iowa ID and Avoid Legal Trouble

Iowa is known for its agriculture and hospitality, but also for its strict laws on alcohol and tobacco use by minors. To drink or purchase alcohol or tobacco products in Iowa, you must be at least 21 years old and show a valid photo ID that proves your age. However, some underage students or visitors may try to use an Iowa fake ID to gain access to bars, clubs, or stores that sell alcohol or tobacco. If you work as a bouncer, bartender, sales clerk, or police officer, you need to be able to recognize and intercept fake IDs to avoid fines, lawsuits, or even criminal charges. In this article, we will explain how to spot a fake Iowa ID and provide tips on how to handle different situations professionally and legally.

Types of Iowa IDs

First, let’s review the basic types of Iowa identification cards that are issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT):

– Driver’s licenses: The most common form of Iowa ID, driver’s licenses are issued to residents who pass a written and driving test, and renew them every five years or less. Iowa driver’s licenses have many security features, such as a hologram, a UV-reactive marking, and a laser-engraved signature, and vary in color and design depending on the age and status of the holder. However, some people may fake driver’s licenses by using fake or stolen documents, altered photos, or advanced printing techniques, so you should not rely solely on the appearance or the date of birth on the ID.
– Nonoperator’s IDs: Nonoperator’s IDs are similar to driver’s licenses but are for residents who do not drive or cannot prove their identity with other means. Nonoperator’s IDs also have several security features, such as a watermark, a tactile signature, and a two-dimensional bar code, and are valid for eight years or less. However, nonoperator’s IDs may be easier to fake or obtain fraudulently than driver’s licenses, as they require less proof of citizenship or legal status.
– Identification cards: Identification cards are for non-residents or temporary residents who need a proof of age or identity for certain activities or transactions, but do not qualify for a driver’s license or a nonoperator’s ID. Identification cards may be issued to foreign students, military personnel, or workers who have legal presence in Iowa but cannot obtain a state ID from their home state or country. Identification cards may have fewer security features than driver’s licenses or nonoperator’s IDs, but still should have a valid date of birth and a recognizable photo.

Common Signs of Fake Iowa IDs

Now, let’s look at some common signs of fake Iowa IDs and how to detect them:

– Invalid or missing information: A fake Iowa ID may have incorrect information, such as a different name, address, or date of birth than the one on the card, or may have missing or incomplete information, such as a blank back or a lack of a signature. You should compare the information on the ID with other sources, such as a passport, a utility bill, or a school record, and ask the holder to provide more documents if necessary. If the holder hesitates or cannot provide consistent answers, you should be cautious and refuse to accept the ID.
– Poor quality or inconsistent design: A fake Iowa ID may look shoddy or amateurish, with blurry or grainy images, faded or smudged text, or mismatched fonts or colors. A fake Iowa ID may also have a design that does not match the official Iowa DOT standards or varies from other licenses or IDs of the same type or age group. You should inspect the ID closely under a bright light, a magnifying glass, or a UV lamp, and feel the surface for any bumps or irregularities. If the design does not seem genuine or if the ID feels light or flimsy, you should question the holder and ask for more ID.
– Altered or forged features: A fake Iowa ID may have some features that are genuine but have been tampered with or falsified, such as a hologram that does not change or is in the wrong position or shape, or a signature that looks printed or stamped rather than handwritten or engraved. A fake Iowa ID may also have some features that are completely fake, such as a magnetic stripe that does not read or contains wrong or mistyped information, or a hologram that is not even in the Iowa DOT database. You should use a scanner, a reader, or a manual check to verify the authenticity of each security feature and compare them with the ones on a known real ID. If you detect any sign of tampering or forgery, you should confiscate the ID and report it to the authorities.
– Suspicious behavior or attitude: A fake Iowa ID holder may exhibit some signs of nervousness, confusion, or aggression, such as avoiding eye contact, mumbling or stuttering, being rude or impatient, or trying to distract you or manipulate you into accepting the ID. A fake Iowa ID holder may also try to use a borrowed or stolen ID or claim that they lost their original ID or passport. You should pay attention to the behavior and attitude of the holder and ask follow-up questions if you sense something wrong or unusual. You should also check the physical resemblance of the holder with the photo and the description on the ID, and ask for a second form of ID if necessary.

Legal and Professional Tips on Handling Fake Iowa IDs

Detecting a fake Iowa ID is only half of the task; the other half is handling the situation in a legal and professional manner. Here are some tips on how to do both:

– Stay calm and polite: Even if you are sure that the ID is fake or that the holder is underage, you should remain calm and polite when interacting with them. Avoid any offensive or discriminatory language or behavior, and treat the holder as a potential customer or a citizen who needs advice or assistance. Use a neutral and respectful tone of voice and body language, and avoid any physical contact or confrontation unless necessary for self-defense or lawful arrest.
– Inform the holder of the law: If you find that the ID is fake or that the holder is underage or intoxicated, you should inform them of the law and the consequences of their actions. You should explain to them that using a fake or borrowed ID is a serious crime, punishable by fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. You should also explain to them that selling or serving alcohol or tobacco to minors is a serious violation of the law and could lead to revocation of the business license, fines, and civil liability. You should encourage them to seek legal or medical help if needed, and advise them to avoid any further attempts to use fake IDs or engage in illegal activities.
– Document the incident: If you find that the ID is fake or that the holder is engaging in illegal activities, you should document the incident as thoroughly as possible. You should write down the date, time, and location of the incident, the name and contact information of the holder and any witness, the description and the serial number of the ID, and any other relevant details or evidence, such as photos or videos. You should keep the document in a safe and confidential place, and only share it with the authorities or your employer if required by law or policy.
– Cooperate with the authorities: If you find that the ID is fake or that the holder is engaging in serious criminal activities, you should contact the authorities immediately and cooperate with them in any investigation or prosecution. You should provide them with all the information and evidence that you have, and follow their instructions on how to handle the case. You should also seek legal advice if you are concerned about your liability or your rights as a witness or a defendant.


Spotting a fake Iowa ID requires careful observation, knowledge of security features, and common sense. Handling a fake Iowa ID requires legal and professional skills, such as staying calm, informing the holder of the law, documenting the incident, and cooperating with the authorities. By following these tips, you can protect yourself, your business, and the public from the harm caused by underage drinking or tobacco use. If you have any questions or concerns about spotting or handling fake Iowa IDs, you can consult the Iowa DOT, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, or your legal counsel.
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